Earth Day; site now on a new hosting server

22 Apr 2019

Happy belated Easter, Chag kasher sameach, and today it's Earth Day!

The Willow Loves Thexlogy Web site has been just migrated to a new hosting server based in Seattle area. The previous host was located in Germany and was operated by a Czech company, which left me with some concerns related to the European Union's General Data Privacy Rule (GDPR) and the new European Copyright Directives.

Also you may have noticed that this site has been intermittently down yesterday and this morning. Apparently downtime is pretty frequent there.

Now Willow Loves Thexlogy! is hosted by Helio Networks, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 27-2285629, WA UBI 602 900 144) in Kirkland, Washington. The servers are supported by generous donations from the community. I encourage you to make a donation and support this great organization in the Pacific Northwest.

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Special shoutout to the developers of Pico CMS, my favorite CMS.

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