Privacy policy

Privacy and confidentiality policies of Willow Loves Thexlogy!

Privacy and confidentiality policy

Willow Loves Thexlogy! (WLT) is a global media ministry with primary purposes of providing the general public with educational materials in the fields of theology and studies of religion. Most such materials are published and broadcast with a presumption that they are for public consumption, not as a form of personal and private communication.

Any comments and questions received in response to WLT's publications, including blog articles, newsletters, podcasts, and live events, are considered to be of public nature. Unless otherwise stated as "confidential" and/or "anonymity requested," any user-submitted contents (such as online comments, emails, and social media responses) will imply user consent for WLT to use such materials in subsequent publications. It is therefore very important that you do not include any personally identifiable information in your comments. (If you do, we will do our best to anonymize your questions and comments, but we cannot guarantee that your privacy will be fully protected.)

Pastoral care and confidentiality policy

WLT may provide an extended, private pastoral care and prayer support to those who request, through a private, end-to-end encrypted online communication platform (such as Discord, Telegram, and Keybase), or through encrypted email (using PGP keypair, ProtonMail, or Tutanota). Communications made through these channels are considered confidential communications between a minister and a congregant.

Please do not use the in-browser Jivochat messaging for prayer support requests, pastoral care communications, or any privacy-sensitive matters (see below).

Due to limitations of time and resources, any pastoral care provided by WLT cannot be a substitute for a local church membership or pastoral counseling offered by a local church near you.

Cookie policy

Our cookie policy is found here.

Google Analytics

WLT uses Google Analytics for statistical purposes. Google's privacy policy is found here.


This web site includes an in-browser messaging feature from Jivochat. By utilizing this feature, you attest that you have read and understood Jivochat's privacy policy and consent to be bound by it. Any data, including any private information, sent through Jivochat's messaging feature will be processed by Jivochat and may be stored on Jivochat's servers. Incoming messages sent through Jivochat are also automatically forwarded to us as non-encrypted email.

Mandatory reporting laws

WLT is a ministry of a member of clergy as defined by the laws of the State of Oregon (where WLT is based in). Therefore, we fall under Oregon's "mandatory reporting" law, ORS 419B.005(3). While, as a matter of religious conscience we do not actively cooperate with the police forces under any circumstance, if it comes to our attention that someone who is believed to reside and/or work in Oregon is engaging in a suspected abuse or neglect of children, elderly, and other vulnerable population (as defined by law), an appropriate reporting will be made with the Oregon Department of Human Services.

Accessing this web site from public Wi-Fi hotspots

Many open Wi-Fi hotspots at a public location, such as libraries, public buildings, shopping malls, and coffee shops, are entirely unencrypted. Your browsing can be intercepted by anyone, and some operators of free Wi-Fi hotspots are known to surreptitiously collect usage data for marketing research and targeting purposes. Please use VPN (see below) if you are interacting with us from such locations.

Note: Some public Wi-Fi hotspots block access to VPN if connecting via UDP ports. Choose TCP when connecting.

Government and/or corporate surveillance and censorship

We are aware that some people live in a jurisdiction where religious liberties and free thought are censored and suppressed. Even in a "free" country, often a great leeway is given to non-state actors (private entities) when it comes to restricting and monitoring your access to information. Accessing this web site and/or communicating with us from a censorship- and surveillance-happy environment may pose a significant risk to your safety.

  • Cryptostorm offers one of the most secure and private virtual private network (VPN) services, for only $52 USD per year (can be paid with Bitcoin). There is also a free version of this service, which is speed-limited, but with the same advanced security measures.
  • ProtonVPN is another great VPN service. It has a free version with a limited selection of servers (3 in Tokyo, 2 in Amsterdam, 2 in Northern Virginia) but with the same advanced security measures.
  • Tor browser is also a great tool to protect your privacy and overcome any censorship.
  • DNS leak test - Did you know that your Internet service can monitor which web sites you visit using the DNS servers it owns? Unfortunately, some older VPN software leaks your browsing data. How to fix DNS leak
  • WebRTC leak is another privacy issue you should be vigilant against. Using VPN alone does not, unfortunately, stop WebRTC. Using WebRTC Shield (for Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera, and Brave and Firefox Quantum) is a simple way to prevent WebRTC leak.
  • ipv6 leak can also pose a danger to you if you live in a censorship-heavy environment.
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