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How to support Willow Loves Thexlogy!

If you like what you read here, consider becoming a supporter of this work. In order to make the contents affordable to everyone, I do not put up a paywall or require you to pay a set subscription fee (except for BitPatron, which does not give me flexible options). Just pay what you can. Your contributions help improve the quality of WLT's programming and are very much welcome.

Easiest thing that won't cost you a dime: disable ad blocker and activate JSEcoin!

When you disable your ad blocker, you help WLT generate a small amount of revenue during your visit. This site is now in part supported by JSEcoin, which is a JavaScript-embedded cryptocurrency that utilizes an excess computing power of your device to generate digital money. The "mining" only takes place by your consent (you will see an opt-in prompt) and ends whenever you close the browser tab or window. JSEcoin is designed in such a way that it will not degrade your device's or browser's performance, and it would only add approximately 10 percent of additional CPU load while mining.

This is NOT to be confused with the now-defunct Coinhive or other cryptojacking scripts (which run without your knowledge or consent). If you opt out, mining will not take place inside your browser. See JSEcoin's privacy policy page for how to permanently opt in or opt out.

A typical page load by a visitor can generate approximately 2 to 4 JSEcoins, and revenues from advertising vary.

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To opt-in, click or tap the "Continue" button. To opt-out, click on the "Privacy & Opt-out" link.

JSEcoin opt-in

To opt out of JSEcoin mining, click on the "You can opt out..." link on the JSEcoin Platform privacy policy page. To resume, go back to this page and click on the "To restart..." link.

Are you a blogger or a content creator with your own Web site? You can monetize your contents with JSEcoin too.

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Other ways to contribute

Write to me first.

Contributions to WLT are NOT tax-deductible. This is not to be construed as a solicitation for charitable donations. Rather, WLT is providing this product for a price that anyone can afford, and simply asking you to name your price for benefits you receive from this service. Thank you!

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